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So I read with pride today that the Rutgers' football team has the third highest APR of a Division 1 football school.  First was Stanford(984), who just nosed out Air Force (983), with Rutgers claiming the bronze at 980 (tied with Duke).  Rice finished out of the medals with 979.  In doing so the Scarlet Knights completed an interesting daily double.  For the past two years, it is the only school to have won a bowl game while finishing in the top 5 in APR.  So congrats, to the players for hitting the books, to Coach Schiano, his staff and the teachers who made this possible.

This reminded me of something I saw after the PapaJohns.com Bowl in Birmingham this December.  My son and I were at the team's hotel waiting to give the players a rousing welcome.  The players filed off their bus in small groups and were greeted by applause from the assembled faithful.  No surprise there.  But as these players came through the lobby, almost all of them saw a woman standing in the corner of the room joining in the cheers.  To a man, each of the players went over and gave this woman a big hug and said "Thank you."  As I was standing nearby, I was trying to figure out who this woman was.  Before the players arrived, Rutgers' AD Bob Mulcahy had done the same thing, giving her a big hug.

Using my sleuthing skills I immediately surmised that this must be Mrs. Mulcahy.  So I thought I would introduce myself as a Rutgers fan, give her my thanks for all that Bob had done for our program and express my support.  I walked over,  introduced myself and asked if she was Mrs. Mulcahy.  She laughed and said that she wasn't.  She then asked me why I had come to this conclusion.  I explained to her my superior sleuthing skills (which had just thoroughly embarrassed me) and that my conclusion was based upon all the affection shown to her by Mr. Mulcahy and all of the players.

She chuckled good-naturedly and said, "No, I'm just one of their teachers."

Almost all of the players on the football team took time during one of the biggest moments of their young lives to express their thanks to one of their teachers.  Kinda says something about this teacher.  And these players.  And this program.
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