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The Return of the Barbarians

Well, it's been over six months this blog has been active.  It started as a way of reporting on the have-nots of college football, the non-automatic qualifier BCS schools, the barbarians so to speak.  From that it morphed into a platform exposing the lies of the New Jersey media and their attempt to bring down the Rutgers' football program.  And finally, we got involved in the great Big Ten expansion debate.
The circle has turned and it's time to get back to the roots.  The support of a national collegiate football championship that doesn't exclude Division I teams merely because of the conference they're in, still seems a worthy cause. Two things have brought this to the fore again: the book Death to the BCS, and Mark Cuban.  If you haven't read the book, buy it.  If you think you understand how and why the BCS works (it doesn't by the way) you don't. The book explains it all.
What it comes down to, as many have always suspected, is nothing more than an attempt by traditional football powers in the Big Ten, the Pac Whatever, and the rest to control college football in this country.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Jim Delany, one of the biggest supporters of the BCS admits that a playoff system would make more money for the colleges. So why would he and the rest of the Big Ten, and the other big boys be against it?  Because as crazy as it sounds, they would rather make less money and be in control than make more money and be merely a participant in a national championship.  If this doesn't make sense to you, you need to go work in a law firm.  I remember how shocked I was to learn that a senior partner who would make more money by bringing in a younger partner would rather make less money and not share control.
In a privately run organization, these decisions are made routinely.  The problem is that this privately-run organization, the BCS, along with its bosom buddies, the bowls, have managed to parlay this desire into holding a national championship in college football hostage. If you play football for UCF, Boise State, Northern Illinois, or any other team that not part of the "in" crowd with the BCS, you will never play for a national championship.  Never.  Doesn't matter how good you are.  You're simply not in the right conference.  Well, we'll join the right conference, you say.  Nope, sorry, membership is closed. 
How can this be tolerated today?  Well the BCS makes a lot of money and the bowls pay this money to the schools.  Even schools that don't make it to bowls sometimes get a piece of it depending on the conference their in.  So if not for the BCS, the schools would get less money.
Wrong. Death to the BCS shows how the system is rigged to cheat schools out of bowl money.  Florida won the National Championship.  How much money did they make for being in the BCS "Championship?" Well, according to the book $47,000.  How can this be?  Well all those great bowl payouts you hear about? They get offset but something called ticket allotments. When a school is invited to a bowl they're given a block of tickets to sell.  If they don't sell them, they have to pay for the empty seats. This year UConn is going to the Fiesta Bowl.  A great achievement for the Huskies right?  Athletically, no doubt.  Financially, it's a nightmare. UConn is required to purchase 17,500 tickets for the Fiesta Bowl.  That's a cool 3.5 million.  UConn's expected bowl payout?$2.5 million.
So why does a school have to become a ticket agent for a bowl game?  Why can't these multimillion dollar making bowls sell their own tickets? Let the schools pay for the tickets they need, and tell the bowls to sell their own tickets.  Just one, of many baffling questions for the BCS.  To be continued.
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Bob Davie - BCS Apologist

I wanted Oregon to win.  Big.  Usually I have a soft spot for non-BCS teams.  But lately with the Mountain West thinking they can take the place of my Big East, I've gotten a little testy.  So I wanted Boise State put down.  End this BCS buster nonsense now so we don't have to hear about it all season.

Well Boise State, as usual, didn't cooperate.  They beat Oregon like a drum.  Oregon's defense looked like a sixth grade homeroom trying to find their seats on the first day of school. The Broncos beat them passing, running, scoring two point conversions, on defense, and in every way imaginable.

Uh apparently not according to Bob Davie.  You see even though Boise dominated Oregon, this isn't enough.  Because according to Bob Davie, Boise couldn't compete if they were in a BCS conference.  His thinking is the Broncs can get psyched up and beat a BCS team once or twice a year, like they've been doing regularly, but they wouldn't survive in a BCS conference.  So sorry Bronco fans even though your team routinely makes BCS schools look silly, you're not worthy according to Davie to be in a BCS conference.

Why?  Bob pulled out empirical evidence for this one.  He showed that Oregon has had more players drafted into the NFL than Boise.  You see even if you win on the field,  it really doesn't count unless 1. You're in a BCS conference, and 2. You do it with NFL caliber players.  How does Boise State do it according to Davie?  Coaching. (snicker).  Because having a well prepared team, with innovative plays that outsmart rather than overpower the opposing team is, well, not manly I guess.  (Never mind that Boise St. gashed Oregon on the ground for a good part of the night.)

Davie actually came out and said it.  Boise State has been a "gimmick" team.  Apparently gimmick teams win by guile and strategy rather than pure athletic talent.  I mean the Statue of Liberty play?  Come on, you shouldn't be allowed to use gimmick plays like that against  football powerhouses like Oklahoma.  Well unless you're a BCS team.  What more manly BCS team was there than the ground pounding Nebraska teams of the Tom Osborne era?  Remember the fumblerooski?  So gimmicky the NCAA eventually outlawed it.  But that doesn't tarnish Nebraska's history.  How about Texas Tech?  Graham Harrell throws for 5,111 yards in a season.  Was he drafted by an NFL team?  Nope he's in the CFL.  So Texas Tech is a gimmick team right?  Nope.  Texas Tech is a BCS team.  Therefore they can't be "gimmicky."

There is only one reason Boise State can't compete in a BCS conference.  That's because no BCS conference will let them in.  There is simply no room for a Boise State with the Iowa States, Syracuses, Dukes, Indianas, Washingtons, and Mississippi States of the BCS conferences.  And that is a damn shame.

Oh and Bob?  Notre Dame can't compete in a BCS conference either.

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Barbarians Fare Well in Pre-Season TBDPITL Poll

Well the preseason edition of The Best Damn Poll in the Land has hit the Internet.  Without sounding overly self-congratulatory for the small part I played in it, I thought it was pretty good.  Kudos to the Greek as the driving force and poll-master.  I was especially pleased that two barbarians were listed.  If you didn't know, barbarians are those non-BCS schools that have the audacity to appear in polls and upset the pre-ordained order of the Bowl Championship Series.  My positition has always been that these teams get short shrift from the media and coaches and are openly conspired against by the BCS schools to be kept out of the end of the year bowl money give-aways.  But IMHO, just like the original barbarians storming and eventually sacking Rome, these non-BCS schools will eventually win out and get a playoff so they have a fair shot at a true national championship.

So in addition to my obvious Rutgers/Big East bias which I will try to keep under control, I plan on doing my best to see that these "non-tradtional" schools get a fair shot in the poll.    So here's a brief overview of this year's Huns, Vandals, Visigoths, and Franks.  I'll try to do updates on the teams that appear in the TBDPITL or on the "Receiving Votes" list.

1.  Fresno State - Frankly I didn't know a lot about them until Kansas St. turned yellow and dropped them from their schedule.  Apparently the Wildcats don't like getting stomped by a WAC team.  So Rutgers got them for their opener on Labor Day this year.  After doing a little research on the Bulldogs, I am scared, big time.  Veteran quarterback, solid running game, and a defense that has been described as "chippy."  What that translates to in my book, is a defense that causes problems and beats people.  Coach Pat Hill's motto is any team, any place.  After Rutgers, they play Wisconsin at home.  I'm calling an upset here Badger Ballers, be ready.  Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous team.  If they beat Rutgers, Wiscy, and UCLA this year, expect to see them in the top 10, maybe top 5.

2. BYU - Really happy to see them at #16.  They just missed in my poll.  Two straight 11-1 seasons but you hear nothing about them from the media.  Well you're hear about them from me.  QB Max Hall almost hit 4,000 yards last year with 26 TD's.  Freshman of the year RB Harvey Unga ran for 1,227 yards and 44 catches for 655 yards. 17 total TD's.  Defense hurt by graduation.  Games against Washington and UCLA could put them  on the radar.  My pick for the Mountain West this year.

3. Utah - A major obstacle on BYU's path.  The Moutain West crown will be decided by BYU at Utah this year.  Solid O-line, if senior QB Brian Johnson cuts down on ints, he's a force, and offense has a 1,200 yard rusher in Darrell Mack.  Defense was 18th in the nation and has a veteran secondary.  The Utes will be looking to upset Rich Rod and Michigan in the opener, and could do it.

4. East Carolina - I've been politicking to get them into the Big East.  Love this team and their football tradition.  Last year beat barbarian hero Boise State in the Humanitarian Bowl.  UCF may be the trendy pick for Conference USA.  I like the Pirates.  Skip Holtz' two QB rotation causes problems.  Defense needs to improve over last year.

5.  Boise State - Everyone's non-BCS hero due to their monumental victory over Oklahoma two years ago.  Ian Johnson's still there and is a force at RB.  QB controversy needs to be resolved, and replacing he who blocks out the sun, Ryan Clady will be difficult.  Defense looks solid.  If Fresno State wants to be the big dog in the WAC, this is the team who presently carries around the big bone.  Expect Hawaii to fall off the radar this year.

6. Troy - The real Trojans. Sorry USC but you really should be the Southern Californians.  How do you like this OOC schedule: LSU, Ohio St., and Oklahoma St.  Why do our pollsters like them?  Well they stayed within 10 of Georgia last year for one.  Good receivers but breaking in new QB and RB.

So there they are, this year's favorite Barbarians according The Best Damn Poll in the Land.  Rape, Pilllage, and Plunder boys.  Every time you knock off a BCS team, you get us that much closer to a national playoff.

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