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Posted on: September 4, 2009 11:25 am
Edited on: September 4, 2009 11:48 am

Bob Davie - BCS Apologist

I wanted Oregon to win.  Big.  Usually I have a soft spot for non-BCS teams.  But lately with the Mountain West thinking they can take the place of my Big East, I've gotten a little testy.  So I wanted Boise State put down.  End this BCS buster nonsense now so we don't have to hear about it all season.

Well Boise State, as usual, didn't cooperate.  They beat Oregon like a drum.  Oregon's defense looked like a sixth grade homeroom trying to find their seats on the first day of school. The Broncos beat them passing, running, scoring two point conversions, on defense, and in every way imaginable.

Uh apparently not according to Bob Davie.  You see even though Boise dominated Oregon, this isn't enough.  Because according to Bob Davie, Boise couldn't compete if they were in a BCS conference.  His thinking is the Broncs can get psyched up and beat a BCS team once or twice a year, like they've been doing regularly, but they wouldn't survive in a BCS conference.  So sorry Bronco fans even though your team routinely makes BCS schools look silly, you're not worthy according to Davie to be in a BCS conference.

Why?  Bob pulled out empirical evidence for this one.  He showed that Oregon has had more players drafted into the NFL than Boise.  You see even if you win on the field,  it really doesn't count unless 1. You're in a BCS conference, and 2. You do it with NFL caliber players.  How does Boise State do it according to Davie?  Coaching. (snicker).  Because having a well prepared team, with innovative plays that outsmart rather than overpower the opposing team is, well, not manly I guess.  (Never mind that Boise St. gashed Oregon on the ground for a good part of the night.)

Davie actually came out and said it.  Boise State has been a "gimmick" team.  Apparently gimmick teams win by guile and strategy rather than pure athletic talent.  I mean the Statue of Liberty play?  Come on, you shouldn't be allowed to use gimmick plays like that against  football powerhouses like Oklahoma.  Well unless you're a BCS team.  What more manly BCS team was there than the ground pounding Nebraska teams of the Tom Osborne era?  Remember the fumblerooski?  So gimmicky the NCAA eventually outlawed it.  But that doesn't tarnish Nebraska's history.  How about Texas Tech?  Graham Harrell throws for 5,111 yards in a season.  Was he drafted by an NFL team?  Nope he's in the CFL.  So Texas Tech is a gimmick team right?  Nope.  Texas Tech is a BCS team.  Therefore they can't be "gimmicky."

There is only one reason Boise State can't compete in a BCS conference.  That's because no BCS conference will let them in.  There is simply no room for a Boise State with the Iowa States, Syracuses, Dukes, Indianas, Washingtons, and Mississippi States of the BCS conferences.  And that is a damn shame.

Oh and Bob?  Notre Dame can't compete in a BCS conference either.

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